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Dietrich's in North America /Canada
What you need, when you need it.

From in person training sessions to online user meetings, Dietrich's does it all! Whether you are looking for answers and help with specific questions or are interested in finding out how other people in your industry are handling certain questions, we have the support and training solutions that will suit your needs.

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Head Office and Eastern North America

51213 Wooleyville Line
RR#1, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada

Toll Free: 1 877 877 0086
Phone: (519) 765-2468
Fax: (519) 765-2846

Wil Dancey - Managing Director and President of Dietrich's NA
w.dancey (at) dietrichs dot com

Chris Dancey - Manager of Communication
c.dancey (at) dietrichs dot com

Jim Rogers - User Meeting Coordinator
Jim Rogers: 1 800 422-6250 (at) dietrichs dot com

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