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Static software for timber construction - Simply stable
Tailored for the requirements of timber construction

Are you looking for engineering-software for timber construction?

DC-Calcs is exactly what you need, because it is specially tailored to the requirements of timber construction. The DC-Calcs recommended by the timber construction associations allows an engineering design presented by carpenters and as per timber constructions.


DC-Calcs for timber constructions engineering

Measure all the relevant components and connections of timber construction and benefit from the simple entries specific to timber construction.  Use the diverse information stored in the program and you can avoid searching tediously in table books. Save time by creating templates and settings. In order to adapt the range of functions of the DC-Calcs for timber construction engineering to your needs, a number of additional modules are available to you.


DC-Calcs Building Reinforcement

Calculate the reinforcement of your timber framed walls as per the latest calculation methods. All analyses take place in the CAD model. The wind loads are automatically determined for different building forms. By looking at the complete wall, right-angled thrust flow (S90), the anchoring points of the walls are minimized. You will benefit from the optimization of the number of fasteners and thereby reduce the machine utilization times.

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