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Additional module Fastener systems
...Dimensioning of joist hangers, connectors and column footing

The add-on module of fastener systems offers you a selection of fasteners suitable for beam systems as well as column fittings on the basis of the forces to be withstood.

The most important functions at a glance
  • Dimensioning of joist hangers, beam connectors, one-piece and two-piece connectors from different manufacturers
  • Dimensioning of mounted and cast-in column footing from different manufacturers
  • Direct comparison of the manufacturers and models
  • Comprehensive filter function for quick selection of the desired fitting
  • Consideration of the existing forces and the load-bearing capacity of the fasteners
  • Reinforcement of components by transverse reinforcement possible
  • Design according to the respective current approvals

 Joist hangers, beam supports, connectors and column footing from leading manufacturers are integrated in the fastener system module. An extensive filter function allows you to quickly select the desired fastener. The selection is manufacturer-independent and therefore allows direct comparison and cost optimization.

All relevant proofs are always kept and presented comprehensibly in the reference document. The often-underestimated transverse tensile reinforcement can also be taken into account in the beam terminal design.

Your advantages in the interaction between DC-Calcs and Dietrich's

The DC-Calcs module in Dietrich's design software makes the dimensioning of fasteners accessible to you. An input dialog allows you to enter internal forces as characteristic forces or design forces or to transfer them directly from an existing DC-Calcs position. Thereby allowing you to quickly compare different fastenings with the existing loads. In addition, fastener systems installed in DC-Calcs will be taken over directly by Dietrich's structure.

You also have the option of exporting hardware connections from the design software to DC-Calcs.  As Dietrich's user, you can thus add hardware connections from the building to structural analysis projects and generate verification documents from these.

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