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Plates, spliced purlins
...single and distributed plates

Use the item types plates, spiced purlins to calculate plates  distributed  ove a roof surface as well as  individual components. The wind and snow loads are automatically determined by the software based on the selected project values. Since these loads are different for gable roofs, pitched roofs and annexes, you can select the appropriate roof shape for a realistic load determination.

The most important functions at a glance
  • Calculation of spiced purlins
  • Distributed plates as multi-span beams or between supports
  • Individual plates with areas of influence or load transfer
  • rectangular, trimmed or canted cross sections
  • automatic, depending on the shape of the roof wind load and snow load ascertainment
  • any number of supports
  • Cross laminated timber dimensions

Distributed plates can be optionally provided with coupling joints or as multiple-field beams. It is also possible to separate the plates at the supports, for example to calculate plates between trusses.

Loads for individual plates are determined using the influence widths in a similar way to distribute plates. Alternatively, loads from other static positions can also be taken over.
Rectangular, chamfered and canted cross sections are available for distributed and individual plates. The dimensioning of cross laminated timber products is also possible.

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