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Additional module: Optimization of the fastener series
Determination of the optimal number of fasteners for building reinforcement

Founded on the building reinforcement module for timber construction, the expansion module for optimization offers different mathematical strategies to get an economical construction. The spacing of fasteners are calculated in such a way that your wall is utilized optimally. You will manage with less fasteners and will save material and production time through this.  Different wall areas can be nailed with different spaces. You can transfer these adjusted spaces directly to the nail bridge.

With our optimization strategies, we will adapt the building reinforcement to your operational requirements. For example, weak walls can be "optimized out". The loads are then distributed over the remaining strong walls.

Your advantages with the additional module for optimization
  • Optimization of the number of fasteners, machine utilization time and processing time
  • Different optimization strategies for optimal results
  • Forwarding of the fastener spaces to the nail bridges
  • Documentation of spaces in plans
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