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Dietrich's V23
The most important Innovations at first Sight

Dietrich's CAD/CAM technologies for timber construction have always one clear objective:

We offer solutions for your ideas for planning - constructing - dimensioning - manufacturing.

This is also the same with version 23. Again, you will get strong new benefits with your update, which we will delivery to you from mid-November on. You can look forward to numerous improvements and innovations in the program.

What can you expect? Are you working with modern large monitors and want to comfortably use your software on them? Do you want to use pallet dialogues to create with one click an optimal overview in your construction? You not only want to use the copy and paste function for your tools, but also that they automatically adapt to the new situation? These are only some examples; you will get much more. Look and see what all Dietrich's V23 has to offer!

But that is not all, this time we are making it exciting. In early 2023, we will be launching the new modules Central Position and Central Project. These modules enable you to work smoothly on projects in teams and in shared projects.

And coming spring we will be launching our new product PlanerSuite. With this solution, architects, carpenters, draftsmen and engineers will be provided with a compact tool tailored to their requirements, which, in the best possible way, will support them in their planning work in the continuous value-added process for timber construction.

Here are some first impressions, more to come soon!

Planning / Construction

RTF Texts in the Plans

Texts are entered into plans in an editable RTF format.

Views, Sectional Views

A new, independent model area enables the creation of views, sections, section lines and areas along with new palette dialogues for display, dimensioning and labelling.

NEW MODULE: Shadows, Depth Effects

Present to your client your design with convincing images.

Windows, Doors and Niches (covering 2 stories)

Some typical cases for the application of this new function are:

  • windows (covering 2 stories) in stairwells and in rooms (covering 2 stories).
  • covered niches for installations and air-conditioning technology (covering 2 stories)

Display of Images in 3D Presentation

In plans from the current presentation and in its file OpenGL images can be displayed.

Symbol Lines

In all planning phases, lines and line types are used to represent additional information by means of symbols and signs.

Story Separating Lines

Story separating lines are now automatically removed by the program as required.

Tool Processing - Copying Machining Processes

The new copy function for tool processing provides the optimal work method when the same or similar tool processing is required at the same or at other components.

Divide Ceiling

Ceilings can be easily and quickly divided into corresponding ceiling panels with regard to maximum sizes for production and transport as well as orientation of the span direction.

NEW MODULES: Central Project, Central Position (soon available).

Central Project and Central Position provide teams with the optimal infrastructure for work sharing and for managing large projects.


Quickly informed about the new version
The main highlights of the new version are described in this informative movie on our Youtube channel.
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Tool Path

Cut-outs for X-Fix connectors, milled lettering or other special/non-standard machining: the new tool path function allows direct description of the machine processing.

Digital Communication

Enhancements 3D Web-Viewer

With the new Clip Box, the display in the 3D Web-Viewer can be quickly and precisely adjusted to the desired area.


Large Monitors

The user can now optimally design and use the work screen on his large CAD monitor.


Direct2D utilizes the capacities of the graphics cards also in the wireframe model and for plan elements.

Presentation in pallet dialogues

The pallet dialogues provide an optimal operation for the permanently used switching of the presentation - a real help in everyday life.

Labelling on the Monitor and in the Plan

All labellings and texts are now also controlled on the monitor via elaborated text styles.

Variables in Plan Names

Plan names can be defined via variables and are then automatically generated.

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