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Half-timbered construction and reconstruction
Tradition meets technology.

Half-timbered construction is characterised by visible constructions and wood connections. The programs for traditional timber construction ensure that you have the crafts connections and procedures at hand with easily usable functions. All edits from simple pins to decorative ornamental collars are possible, both in traditional manual timber framing and in CNC-timber framing systems. Planning of half-timbered constructions is integrated seamlessly into the Dietrich's overall system.

Your benefits with Dietrich's half-timbered construction
  • All traditional and modern wood connections
  • Realistic 3D-visualisation
  • Automatically dimensioned and dynamic plans: Individual rods for manual timber framing, wall and truss plans for installation → always up to date by new calculation
  • Material lists with surcharges, rounding and length optimisations
  • Precise machine data for all common timber framing systems
  • Simplification by flexible combination elements
  • High precision by direct connection to measuring unit
  • Simple combination with all other builds possible
  • Generation and measurement of half-timbered trusses in DC-Calcs with transfer to the CAD/CAM-system
  • Input of all parts in dialogues with auxiliary pictures for the carpenter
  • Competent and directly available support

Half-timbered walls and trusses can be combined as desired with roof timber framing, block construction, solid construction, etc. From barn trusses to half-timbered bridges to Alemannic half-timbered style, all variations of half-timbered construction can be planned and produced easily and efficiently.

Since looks play an important role both in new construction of half-timbered houses and reconstruction, individual parts or entire carrying structures can be presented spatially in authentic wood textures. This will make it easier to convince the builder with your details as well.

With DC-Calcs, a stuctural design software developed for timber construction, level half-timbered structures and wood construction connections can be measured easily and in a practice-oriented manner.

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