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Roof constructions
...Collar beam roofs, rafter roofs, plate roofs, including wood construction connections

With the position type Collar beams, rafter roof, plate roof you can show common roof structures. With the help of the many templates included and the possibility of creating custom templates, you can select the design of the roof truss to be dimensioned, quickly and easily. Every chosen construction can be changed to any roof construction at any time.

The most important functions at a glance
  • Calculation of collar beam roof, rafter roof and plate roof
  • Automatic wind and snow load determination
  • Consideration of the cross-sectional weakening of birth’s mouths
  • Collar beams, double or one-sided collar ties
  • different types of cleat types for rafter roof constructions
  • Dimensioning the connections in the same position
  • Input of any number of plates (supports)
  • Determination of resilience of supports due to the plate deflection

You can choose beams, double or even simple ties as a connection collar beam. You can position the collar beam without middle plates and between, below or above the center plates. The connections to rafters and center plates are entered and verified directly to the same static position.

For the construction of collar beam roofs and rafter roofs, various cleat types are defined.  The cleat connection is also dimensioned with all fasteners in the position.

As with the rafter calculation, wind and snow loads as well as the special loads of the snow overhang at the eaves are automatically determined by the software. You can also take the flexibility of the plates into consideration for roof constructions, due to the plates’ span length. 

Connection to Dietrich’s

Like rafter positions and trusses with roof transfer, the static position "connection collar beam roof, rafter roof, plate roof” can also be used in Dietrich's design software for roof analysis and component transfer .

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