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Additional module steel profiles rafters, continuous beams and supports

With the add-on modules steel profiles you may calculate double-symmetrical steel cross-sections (double-T-profiles, I-profiles, hollow profiles) in the position types rafters (plate roof), continuous beam and column.

The most important functions at a glance
  • Module steel profiles of rafters
  • Module steel profiles of continuous beams
  • Module steel profiles of support
  • Calculation of double-symmetrical steel profiles
  • Selection of alternative steel profiles
  • Extensive component database with standard cross sections
  • Output of the steel profiles used in the verification document
  • Calculation according to standard EN 1993-1-1 or DIN 18800-1

By integrating them into the wood construction modules, you have the opportunity to easily and quickly determine the best or cheapest variants between timber, steel and cross laminated timber. The software suggests alternative steel profile dimensions and in the corresponding component catalogue you will find all standard cross-sections in the usual steel grades.

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