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Solid construction with CLT
The stone age is over.

The introduction of CLT elements in object and multi-storey timber construction leads to a demand for special software solutions for planning and production.

From the beginning, Dietrich's was involved in development of the building method and the corresponding program functions by close cooperation with manufacturers and processors. The requirements of these and similar methods were mapped consistently and in every detail in the software.

Functions for input and processing of the plates in the wall, ceiling and roof structures accelerated planning and detail formation. Automated plan outputs for building elements and individual parts with alignment of the cover layer and arrangement of the plate front ensures a well-structured documentation for timber engineering and installation. The BSP materials of the leading manufacturers with the corresponding technical values, are filed in the enclosed material database and can be supplemented by you on demand.

Nesting means that plate-shaped parts are nested for best utilisation of the raw plate. The nested plates are prepared for transfer to a plate processing system with all processing steps, such as saw cuts, millings and bores, and handed over to the machine by the corresponding post-processor.

Upon initiation of the study group, the structural evidence for BSP wood elements was integrated into DC-Calcs, the structural engineering program for timber construction. The BSP timber products of all association members are included in Dietrich's building data base together with the corresponding strength values.

Dietrich's advantages in solid timber construction
  • Precise and highly detailed 3D planning for best prefabrication
  • Extremely adaptable and individual tools for connections and detail solutions
  • High-performance and flexible automatisms for plate input
  • Complete control by comprehensive evaluation of all structures: Building physics, mass determination, weight and centre of gravity of the elements
  • Precise machine data for all common plate processing machines
  • Many manufacturer data in the material data base
  • Cost-saving nesting for optimal material utilisation
  • Direct measurement of ceiling and roof elements in DC-Calcs
  • Automatically dimensioned and dynamic plans: Single plates, floor plan, ceiling and roof elements, sections
  • Realistic 3D-visualisation
  • Competent and directly available support
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