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Small project - perfect solution

The performance and flexibility behind all of Dietrich's software solutions is evident when planning small projects as well. The modular program setup enables even smaller operations and start-ups to put together the right solution. "Small" does not mean that you need to do without comfort and performance. Reduce your planning time even for customised buildings to the minimum with integrated functions, libraries and wizards.

If the "little garden house" or the "simple carport" ends up developing into a fully-fledged masterpiece after all, the Dietrich’s program modules offer enough space for expansion in order to satisfy even the most demanding builder.

Your benefits when planning with Dietrich's
  • Low-cost and customised CAD-tool by modular setup
  • Quick determination of all roof parameters you need in the profile
  • Simple input of all parts with the matching preliminary settings
  • Comprehensive automatic fitting connections available
  • Simplification by flexible combination elements
  • Automated application of tiles and formwork: safe and fast
  • Automatically dimensioned and dynamic plans: Individual rods for manual timber framing, rafter-purlin plan for installation, sections for battens and formwork → always up to date by new calculation
  • Material lists with surcharges, rounding and length optimisations
  • Realistic 3D-visualisation
  • Competent and directly available support
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