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Dietrich’s for the carpentry
a program package for all requirements

Wood constructions, parts and buildings that are produced in the carpentry require precision, commitment and craftsmanship. Dietrich’s for carpentries covers all areas from the first draft to planning, construction and work preparation to the optimised parts list for assembly.

Dietrich’s has been specifically developed for application in carpentry. Well-structured dialogues with indicative help images make it easier for the carpenter to enter values. This permits quick constructions from simple roof carrying to half-timbered structures, truss structures to complete timber passive houses.

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The Dietrich’s overall system is made up of individual modules. The parts are specifically aligned with the individual requirements of modern carpentry operations and can be expanded by further functions at any time.

  • Short introduction time: Profit from our unique carpentry input dialogues.
  • Never bother with catalogues again: 18,000 parts and connections from the Dietrich’s parts library make your work quick and efficient.
  • Changes? Certainly! Automated new calculation after changes will enable you to react to customer wishes extremely quickly – plans and part lists are updated and adjusted without additional effort.
Dietrich’s for carpentries offers:
  • Integrated U-value and dew point calculation
  • Timber structural engineering with evidence for the connections
  • Roof profile, roof centring, mechanical joints
  • Roofing, planning, mass determination
  • Truss systems
  • Timber building construction (block, half-timbered, wood frame, solid wood)
  • Draft and calculation of wood stairs
  • Automated timber framing plans
  • Optimised handover to CNC-timber framing systems
  • VOB compatible measurements
  • Automated mass determination for wood, plates, steel parts, connectors
  • Integrated offer generation
  • Comprehensive parts catalogue
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