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Wood Construction Engineering
Dimensioning of structure and wood construction connections

The DC-Calcs wood construction engineering enables you a tangible, structural engineering dimensioning through carpenter and wood construction conform inputs. Due to the extensive material data supplied, the easy-to-understand help and the automatic determination of the loads based on the municipality code, the time-consuming search for information in other sources is no longer necessary. An automatic generation of the verification documents, in clearly recognizable gradations, ensures the controllability of the certifications.

The handling of DC-Calcs is well thought-out and is supported by adjustable displays and graphic control and input options.

In addition, DC-Calcs helps you to achieve a more efficient workflow in wood construction. Through the complete project management, the use of designs as a template for further engineering and self-definable document templates, saves you time.

Your advantages with DC-Calcs Timber construction engineering
  • Simple and carpenter-friendly inputs
  • Development together with Prof. Dr. Colling MD
  • Help-graphics and explanatory texts for unambiguous entries
  • Automatic ascertainment of wind and snow loads
  • Current standards of the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France
  • Extensive database of materials, fasteners and fittings
  • Comprehensive project management for a clear organization of all data belonging to it
  • Detailed and verifiable proof documents
  • Quick work by creating your own settings and templates
  • Dimensioning of timber construction connections, fasteners and transverse reinforcement
  • Calculation of cross laminated timber (CLT) always with current manufacturer information
  • Proof of steel profiles as continuous beams, columns and rafters
  • Proof of point foundations and strip foundations
  • Quick comparative calculations by simply changing the connection type, the material or the fitting product (across different manufacturers!)
  • Fire protection design of components and connections
  • Reduction of entries with the help of part transfers from Dietrich's building

In cooperation with the Study Group for Glulam Construction the calculation of cross-laminated timber (CLT) was integrated into the calculations of rafters, continuous beams, columns and plates. The CLT products of all manufacturers are included in the component catalogue and are stored with the corresponding strength values.

With the optional modules available, double-symmetric steel cross-sections can also be calculated.  The component catalogue contains all standard cross-sections of various types of steel grades. By the direct integration of the steel profiles into the calculations, it is possible for you as a planner, to determine the most economical variant between wood, steel and CLT in a simply and fast way.

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With further add-on modules you can adapt the functional scope of the DC-Calcs wood construction engineering to fit your needs. The fire protection module allows you to identify components and connections in the event of a fire. The timber construction connections can be extended with the fitting connection module to include the dimensioning of joist hangers, beam connectors and column footing. In addition, the calculation scope of the wood construction engineering can also be supplemented with the calculation of unreinforced and reinforced point foundations and strip foundations.


  • collar beam roof, rafter roof, plate roof
  • rafter (plate roof)
  • plates, coupling plates
  • hip rafter
  • valley rafter
  • general framework
  • continuous beams
  • columns
  • Timber construction-connection
  • Hardware connection
  • Point foundations and strip foundations
  • Fire protection
  • Cross laminated timber
  • steel profiles


  • EC 5 - EN 1995-1-1 (Germany)
  • EC 5 - ÖNORM B 1995-1-1 (Austria)
  • EC 5 - NF EN 1995-1-1 (France)
  • EC 5 - UK
  • EC 5 - Poland
  • SIA 265 (Switzerland)
  • NTC (Italy)
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