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Building reinforcement
...for wood construction

The calculation of building reinforcement according to current standardization constantly presents structural engineers and wood construction planners with challenges. On the one hand, only rectangular buildings are dealt with in the standard for wind load determination. On the other hand, many design details, such as openings, are not allowed due to the simplified calculation method.

Your benefits with DC-Calcs building reinforcement
  • Modern, innovative calculation methods that go beyond standard procedures
  • Automatic wind load determination for a wide variety of building shapes
  • Dimensioning of the entire building or individual walls
  • Reduction and optimized positioning of the wall anchors
  • Optimization of the number of fasteners, machine utilization time and processing time

With the building reinforcement, DC-Calcs allows a structural analysis for the wood construction, which shows the actual planned construction with all wall openings, free panel joints and recesses in ridges. Buildings of various shapes are automatically exposed to wind.

The DC-Calcs building reinforcement offers the possibility of displaying all results in plans and lists as well as the option of forwarding them to the machine transfer. In addition, materials and fasteners can be economically optimized.

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