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Commitment to the timber craft
Our initiatives for promotion of young talent

We are certain that the future of the timber craft is in the combination of high-quality craftsmanship and use of state-of-the-art planning and production techniques. It is in the well-founded training of our trainees and young masters, as well as the promotion of traditions.

Therefore, Dietrich’s AG has many special initiatives to support training and further training in timber construction by supporting foundings by young masters as well as travelling journeymen around the world.

Therefore, we have a strong focus on commitment to young talent.

More than just software!

Dietrich's has always been committed to training of our young talent. We published a complete 2D-CAD for pupils and students in 2002 already. The free PlanCAD-L has been downloaded tens of thousands of times since then. Every day, it makes a valuable contribution to training.


Energy-efficient restoration by pre-produced wood construction elements

BERTIM (Building Energy Renovation Through Timber Prefabricated Modules) is a European project for energy restoration of buildings with prefabricated elements of sustainable materials. Buildings in need of renovation become energy-efficient objects with a precisely fitted wood construction envelope in HRB or plywood boards. Development of the entire process from planning to production is implemented via BIM.

Based on our decades of experience in timber construction and element breakdown of parts, Dietrich's is an exclusive software partner and consultant of the project.

This is an example that was planned with Dietrich

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