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Hip rafter / valley rafter
...Consideration all cross-sections weaknesses

A separate module is available for the calculation of hip rafter and valley rafter.  Snow and wind loads are automatically determined via the influence area. Depending on the roof construction, you can select different forms of influence areas. In addition, you can consider the snow overhang at the eaves.

The most important functions at a glance
  • Automatic wind and snow load determination
  • Determination of loads via spheres of influence
  • Geometry transfer from rafter positions
  • Consideration of the cross-sectional weakening of bird's mouths
  • Consideration of hip cut and valley cut
  • any angles between the eaves
  • Input of any number of plates (supports)
  • rectangular, chamfered and canted plates

So that you do not have to enter the profile values twice when calculating the rafters beforehand, it is possible to adopt the profile information, plate dimensions and roof structures from the rafter position. Of course, these data can also be entered directly without transferring the rafters.

When verifying the hip and valley rafters, all cross-section weaknesses due to bird's mouths, hip cuts and burrs as well as valley cuts are taken into account. Optionally, you can also choose to chamfer or deburred the underside.  In the case of unevenly inclined roof surfaces, options are available for shifting the base.

Rectangular, tilted and trimmed plates can be selected as support. Any number of plates are possible.

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