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Planning tools for roofers and roof craftspeople
All important functions for your daily work on the roof

Simple measurement according to VOB, quick mass determination, free roof surface deformation and output of automatically generated plans and measurement lists. The software solution for roofers offers all of this and more.

Enter your project via floor plan and roof profile or graphically generate the matching roof landscape with the free-form roof surfaces. The individual areas of the roof, including the dormers, can be automatically applied with the roof carrying structure, formwork, battens and roofing. Choose between pre-defined coverings for common roof structures or customised layer structures from cold roof to passive house. Simply choose the matching tiles or shingles from the large up-to-date manufacturer's library. Eaves and verge are adjusted flexibly on demand.

The integrated quick mass determination helps you generate an offer and procure material. Detailed plans and well-structured lists such as area, line dimension lists and formwork or tile placement plans can be output.

Your benefits with Dietrich's module for roofers
  • Quick determination of all roof parameters you need in the profile
  • Automated calculation of the roof membrane in roof centring
  • Fastest way to the finished roof with profile and building assistant
  • Comprehensive choice of roof structures and large manufacturer's libraries
  • Simple attachment of pre-defined dormers and roof windows
  • Automated application of tiles and formwork: safe and fast
  • Intuitive input in dialogues with many auxiliary images
  • Automatically dimensioned plans with dynamics for new calculation
  • Material lists with surcharges, rounding and length optimisations
  • Dimension determination of all lengths, areas and masses according to VOB
  • Free input of distorted roof surfaces
  • Low-cost and customised CAD-tool by modular setup
  • Competent and directly available support
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