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Dimension of columns
...made of wood, cross laminated timber, steel

With the module column design, you can account for the hinged columns as well as the clamped columns. For the calculation, a support is not necessarily relevant at the upper end. This allows you to calculate even clamped masts.

The most important functions at a glance
  • Oscillating supports and clamped columns
  • Consideration of buckling brackets
  • Cross laminated timber dimension
  • Design of steel profiles

Depending on the load on the columns, measures against buckling are necessary. In DC-Calcs, you have the option of defining them in the cross-section’s width and height.

As in all other calculation modules of DC-Calcs, you can generate any number of additional loads and load imports from other engineering positions.

In addition to all-wood and laminated wood cross sections, you can also measure laminated timber products and steel profiles easily and reliably.

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