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Continuous beam
...Plates, beams and ceiling beams

You can verify individual beams, such as plates and down stand beams, as well as components with widths of influence, such as ceiling joists, using the Continuous Beam calculation module. If required, the vibration analysis (according to Hamm / Richter) can be taken into account.

The most important functions at a glance
  • Dimensioning of beams, e.g., plates
  • Dimensioning of ceiling beams (with width of influence)
  • rectangular, chamfered and canted cross sections
  • Consideration of the bearing pressure
  • any number of supports
  • Consideration of the proof of vibration
  • Proposal for Gerber joint positions
  • Detection of simple scarves (Gerber) in the same static position
  • Cross laminated timber dimension
  • Design of steel profiles

Measure the rectangular, chamfered and canted cross-sections made of solid wood and glued laminated timber. Even inclined components can be calculated. Cross laminated timber  is also available as a material and with the add-on module steel profiles you can consider alternative  cross-sections made of steel.

Continuous beams can be produced with any number of supports. By entering the bearing dimensions, the bearing pressure  on each support is also taken into account.

With the help of the load transfers, loads of any static position can be applied in a simple way. For example, you can take over the supporting loads of the rafters for a plate dimensioning, or you can transfer the loads of beam substitutions to a beam.

The software automatically determines the positions of Gerber joints. At the joints, you can directly assign attachment settings for Gerber joints . Thus allowing you to design beams,  including joints, in a single step.

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