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The interface with the building physics/EnEV
Data preparation and data transfer facilitate compliance with EnEV specifications.

New construction, additions, conversions or renovation of old buildings: The EnEV should be considered in all building projects. The additional effort for this in the overall process is surely already justified by the contribution to environmental protection and energy cost benefits. Timber construction has clear advantages here. Dietrich's already has preparation of the building physical data integrated in order to support you as the planner and designer in the best possible manner. The Dietrich's system defines the building with rooms and zone classifications, automatically creates building geometries for transfer and transfers them to the EnEV software. There, the analysis for residual and non-residential construction will be conducted and all outputs up to the energy passport (energy certificate) will be generated.

The Dietrich's EnEV-interface is characterised by the following aspects in connection with building physics software:

Continuous structures of walls, ceilings and roof areas. The structures used in Dietrich's already contain all building-physical values, incl. U-values and Glaser chart. They are then transferred to EnEV programs such as Hottgenroth. Subsequent assignment is no longer necessary.

The zone classification for residential construction and non-residential construction takes place directly in Dietrich's. The parts are broken down into the corresponding surfaces and combined in a thermal envelope. The geometries are prepared automatically. Your benefit: very low effort for re-calculation after changes.

The zones and geometries determined for EnEV can be graphically reviewed in three dimensions.

Your benefits with Dietrich's building physics
  • Targeted preparation of the building-physical data of the building
  • Direct determination of the u-values and Glaser chart for all structures (wall, ceiling, roof) → Full control in the program, no assignment in the EnEV-software necessary
  • Complete room measurement according to WoFlV and DIN 277
  • Low effort due to dynamic room and zone classifications
  • Good control of the input from three-dimensional presentation of the rooms
  • Bundling of all information by transfer to the building data program
  • All EnEV-specifications can be met by review of the input
  • Competent and directly available support
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