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3D-CAD/CAM for Timber Construction

Wood uniquely combines the tradition and the future of the construction industry. It combines outstanding material properties, durability and ease of processing with the ecological advantages of a renewable resource with a negative C02 balance when sustainably harvested from local forests.

Dietrich’s was the first company to make design software specifically for the wood construction industry. In 1982, Josef Dietrich, a master of carpentry, developed the first programs for German carpenters to calculate roof shapes, compound angles and cuts. Today Dietrich’s is the largest provider of wood construction software in Europe and has grown steadily since entering the North American market in 2002.

Currently in Europe new buildings must meet high standards for energy efficiency through performance of materials and methods of construction. North American construction will soon have to meet similar high standards and your Dietrich’s software can be an integral part of your ability to design energy efficient, net-zero buildings.

Continuous, leading edge development has made Dietrich’s the most up-to-date wood construction software on the market.

23.10.2018 - 26.10.2018

BCMC Building Component Manufacturers Conference

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Location: BCMC Show

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Dietrich's supports students in the project "Hybrid CUBE"

As a technology partner, Dietrich's AG is supporting the project Hybrid CUBE of the University of Biberach financially as well as with our know-how and technical consulting.

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BIM special issue of Dietrich's Neues! Magazin 2018

On four pages you will find the special issue of our magazine Neues!, about BIM in wood construction.

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Dietrich's version 18 is now available

Now the version for the year 2018th is available for download for our users.

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