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See here how our customers have achieved success with Dietrich's Software

At first glance, Dietrich’s software may seem complex, but can it actually simplify your business and increase your profit?

We know it can, but why believe us?
Well, because our clients can confirm that it is true.

  • Their businesses have become more efficient, with less waste and more profit.
  • They are leaders in their fields, because they have embraced the technology that has been able to simplify their design and production processes.
  • And eliminating errors can create a more enjoyable and satisfying work environment.

Click on the company names to the right to read what our clients have to say and to see the impressive work they produce using Dietrich’s 3D CAD/CAM software. We are grateful to them for providing the quotes and images for the case studies.

"From a jointer in the shop to timber frame designer; I have learned how easy Dietrich's makes everything"

Bobby Johns, Design Department Goshen Timber Frames

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