Software is our business, wood is our passion

Who's Dietrich's

Dietrich's supports timber construction in turning ideas and requirements into specific constructions. We offer the most economical solution internationally with smart technical products and qualified service. Our service is customised and individually aligned with the changing needs and sizes of the different companies in industry and trade. Our employees are experts; their efforts make our customers successful.

Software for timber construction is our business and wood is our passion!

Dietrich's has been producing construction software for timber construction for 35 years. Based on the competence of carpentry and the vision of the opportunities of digitalisation, Josef Dietrich and Uwe Emmer laid the basis for a company that is now active internationally in 1982. Our understanding is characterised by customer proximity and market-oriented technology services. Dietrich's programs offer our customers and potential customers state-of-the-art solutions to any imaginable challenge in construction and dimensioning in timber construction.

From modern small carpentry enterprises to medium-sized timber construction operations and timber framing centres, from prefab manufactures to industrial component manufacturers and for timber engineering, Dietrich's programs offer user-friendly operation, a modular structure, continuity of the components and best investment safety nationally and internationally.

We sustainably commit to vocational training and further training in carpentry and at the leading universities and in European research projects.

State-of-the-art solutions for construction, timber framing, wood frame construction and structural engineering as well as the unique customisation of customer requirements in our combination elements are the pillars of our portfolio. Dietrich's software programs are available in 13 languages. Approx. 100 employees in research, development, sales and customer support represent customer proximity and solutions for the requirements of Industry 4.0 in timber construction.

Mission statement:

"Dietrich's supports the timber construction industry in transforming ideas and requirements into concrete constructions. We offer the economically best solution internationally with technologically mature products and highly qualified service. Our services are tailor-made and individually tailored to the changing needs and sizes of the different companies in industry and trade. Our employees are experts, their commitment is the success of our customers. "

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