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Customized suites for your business
All you need for wood construction in one software

The Dietrich's CAD system offers the perfect mix between maximum speed along with efficiency, and maximum detail together with flexibility. This all starts with the Dietrich's suites which can be fully customized to suit your needs and the needs of your business.

We have a suite that suits you!

While other software programs for the building industry are mostly reduced to architectural design, Dietrich's provides solutions for design and manufacturing of wood constructions. Each Dietrich's suite is the careful compilation of software modules that work together to provide the user with an extensive collection of parametric modelling functionality. The result is a software package that allows you to produce far more than just working drawings and graphical renderings. From accurate machine files for custom timber frame joinery or SIPs, to automatically dimensioned shop drawings. Dietrich's also gives you the ability to attain and export data for engineering and thermal calculations, as well as accurate costing and quoting for your projects. Dietrich's does it all and will automate much of it for you.

With Dietrich's you'll have all the tools you need to be efficient, productive and successful. Check out any of our Dietrich's suites listed on the right for more information about how they can help you to become and stay competitive, even in today's market.

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