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Trillium Dell Timberworks
Why did Rick Collins of Trillium Dell Timberworks choose Dietrich’s?

Why did Rick Collins of Trillium Dell Timberworks choose Dietrich’s software back in 2003 and why is Dietrich’s still a valued tool?



“Trillium Dell Timberworks is the largest handcrafted timber frame shop in the Midwest producing hundreds of thousands of board feet of green hardwood timber frames and components every year.  It would be impossible for us to produce the finest quality frames available without the best and most versatile timber frame software on the market."



“Dietrich’s is the most user friendly software and has the fastest turn around time from initial concepts to preliminary drawings of any software package available."



“Dietrich’s software makes it all possible for a quick turn around from the time a lead comes in the door to the time a bid proposal is sent with preliminary engineering, timber take offs, isometric design, along with accurate roof and panel quotes."


Rick Collins, President
Trillium Dell Timberworks

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