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styxworks llc
Timber design services for North America and Europe

Jens Hackethal is a leader in the solid wood panel industry. He is a founding partner with Thor Arnold of styxworks llc., an international firm offering a wide range of timber design services in both Europe and North America.


"From custom residential design to complex multi-story construction projects, Dietrich’s is the essential tool in the styxworks ‘toolbox.’ Over the past 14 years, Dietrich’s has offered us the optimal level of automation and flexibility for construction with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Engineered Timbers."



"Our use of Dietrich’s CNC cutting capabilities ensures a high degree of control over construction quality with projects under tight schedules. This results in reduced conflicts in the field, durable and long-standing structures, construction cost-savings and happy clients."



"Our use of Dietrich’s CAD/CAM software allows us to effectively coordinate and communicate with Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors at all phases of project delivery."

Jens Hackethal, Co-founder
styxworks llc


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