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Beere Timber Company
Kent Fawcett is the Senior Building Technologist and Project Manager for Beere Timber Company

Beere Timber Company, which markets a range of architectural wood products, specializing in custom-cut, green and kiln-dried timber for high-end residential, commercial, institutional, and resort applications worldwide.



"Using the Dietrich's software gives us a clear definition of project scope and magnitude, minimizing the chance of missed components through its strong 3D visualization tools and its quick material scheduling capabilities."



“We have worked with the team at Dietrich’s NA since 2003. I am extremely pleased with the efficiency, and level of service they’ve provided our design department, always ensuring we are moving forward in the correct direction with the software.”



“With the level of detail required on many of our timber frames, it is implicitly necessary to be able to capture all the different conditions in one 3D model and have it be parametric.  This gives us the ability to concentrate on design refinements rather than coordination of independent objects or line drawings.”


Kent Fawcett, Dipl. Arch. Tech. AScT
Beere Timber Company

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