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Structural engineering software for carpentry and timber construction
Initiated by the Europäische Vereinigung des Holzbaus

The DC-Calcs program for timber construction permits tangible, structural engineering measurements by input from carpenters and timber construction. You will no longer have to go looking for information from other sources due to the enclosed material data and help for awarding of use classes, snow and wind loads. Automated generation of the evidence documents in a clearly recognisable graduation ensures verifiability of the evidence.

The intuitive operation of the dialogues in DC-Calcs supports you with adjustable illustrations and graphical control or input options.

Additionally, DC-Calcs will help you reach a more efficient work sequence in timber construction. Complete project administration, use of constructions as a template for further structural engineering items and directly definable document templates will save time.

Initiated by the Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau, calculation of BSP timber elements has been integrated into the modules rafters, continuous beams, support, overlap purlins and purlins. The BSP timber products of all association members are included in the parts catalogue together with the corresponding strength values.

Your benefits with DC-Calcs
  • Simple input ready for use by a carpenter
  • Auxiliary images and explanation texts for unmisunderstandable inputs
  • Automated determination of the wind and snow loads
  • Current standards of the D-A-CH countries, Italy and France
  • Comprehensive database with materials, connections and fittings
  • Comprehensive project administration for well-structured organisation of all associated data
  • Detailed and verifiable evidence documents
  • Speedy work by application of own settings and templates
  • Development together with Prof. Dr. Colling
  • Proof of building reinforcement - incl. wind load determination for many different building forms
  • Dimensioning of timber construction connections, connection media and cross-pass reinforcements
  • Calculation of plywood boards BSPH, always with the latest manufacturer information
  • Evidence for steel profiles and continuous beams, supports and rafters
  • Fire protection dimensioning of parts and connections
  • Reduction of inputs with the part transfers from the Dietrich's building to DC-Calcs
  • Fast comparison calculations due to simple changes to the connection type, material or fitting product (manufacturer-comprehensive!)

With three additionally available modules, doubly-symmetrical steel cross-sections can be calculated for the positions rafters (purlin roof), continuous beams and supports as well. The parts catalogue contains all standard cross-sections of different steel types.

The direct integration of the steel profiles into the wood construction modules enables you as planner to easily and quickly determine the best and most cost-efficient version of wood, steel or BSP wood construction.

For more information, see the DC-Calcs website.


  • Collar beam, rafter, purlin roof
  • Rafters (purlin roof)
  • Purlins, overlap purlins
  • Hip rafters
  • Valley rafters
  • General mullions
  • Continuous beams
  • Support
  • Timber construction-connection
  • Steel profiles rafters
  • Steel profiles support
  • Steel profiles continuous beam
  • Fire protection
  • Fitting connection


  • SIA 265 (Switzerland)
  • NTC 14.01.2008 (Italy)
  • EC 5 DIN EN 1995-1-1 (Germany)
  • EC 5 ÖNORM B 1995-1-1 (Austria)
  • EC 5 NF EN 1995-1-1 (France)
  • EN 1993-1-1 or
  • DIN 18800-1 (steel profiles)
  • DIN 1052:2008-12
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