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DIRTT Environmental Solutions
Custom timber fabrication driven by Dietrich’s software

DIRTT is a prefabricated construction company that creates custom interiors. Using glulam and CLT, their Timber Frame department has created many of the pre-fabricated mezzanines, feature staircases, and architectural canopies found in schools and offices across North America.


Dietrich’s plays a key role for DIRTT Timber Frame because it drives their CAM and CAD processes. Every DIRTT project is unique, so Dietrich’s gives DIRTT the ability to quickly model complex joinery and custom connections. Dietrich’s also integrates with DIRTT’s proprietary design and construction software, ICE, which is used as a sales, visualization, and fabrication tool.  

“We use ICE for designing the DIRTT walls, and then import the Dietrich’s timber model for coordination and clash detection,” says Elias Fahssi, a DIRTT product expert. “Once the client approves the ICE file, we use Dietrich’s to generate the timber frame machine code, shop drawings and material lists.”

Another key feature of Dietrich’s is the engineering module. Amy Brown, a DIRTT Timber designer, explains: “Our engineer uses Dietrich’s, which means we can often figure out a detail in a single review session. I love the flexibility Dietrich’s gives me, because many times we need custom joinery to fit some tricky site conditions.”

Dietrich’s was especially useful for modelling the structure for a recent DIRTT project in Atlanta. DIRTT was able to use the SketchUp export feature to conduct design reviews and link the Dietrich’s model with ICE for an interactive review in virtual reality. Check out more about the project here.

Dietrich's software modules used at DIRTT

D-Wall Premium, D-Floor Pro & System, D-Roof Premium & System, D-CAM Premium, D-Truss Pro, D-CAD 2D, D-Link Krüsi, OpenGL Workspace, Import/Export IFC, Costing - Quoting and Calculation, Import/Export SAT, 3D PDF Export, SketchUp.

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DIRTT Environmental Solutions
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