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Dietrich's Chronology
A success story since 1982

1982 - The Dietrich's story begins

Uwe Emmer (Dipl.-Ing. Construction Industry) took over the further programming of the timber processing software, which by this time had become fairly complex.  
The rapid development of PCs soon made it possible to develop graphics oriented dialog programs in the form we know today.
During a trade fair in Munich, a German television channel featured Dietrich's software in a report on innovation in the trade.

1987 - at the trade fair "EUREKA" in Brussels

Dietrich's was awarded a trophy at the trade fair "EUREKA" in Brussels for the innovative advancement into the future of the trade. 
Bangemann, who was the minister of trade and commerce at that time, visited Dietrich's booth at the international trade exhibition in Munich at a special preview.

1993 - DICAM 3D, indroduction of a volume construction program to the market

Dietrich's introduces a volume construction program to the market, which for its time and in this form is unique: DICAM 3D 
From now on it is possible to freely position and join three-dimensional bodies, immaterial of what material they are made of, in a room. 

1999 - Dietrich's conversion to a joint-stock company

Dietrich's continues with the successful course of the last few years and will trade under a different name from the 21.09.1999. After thorough examination of the enterpise by an independent expert, the company with the blue D now carries the name Dietrich's AG


Dietrich's, as an established system house, offers an all-encompassing and constant 3D-CAD/CAM-System for the timber construction which meets every requirement for modular construction.
From the planning and construction right through to the work preparation a broad range of applications is available to carpentry and timber construction firms , as well as engineering and architectural companies in the areas of ROOF, WALL and CEILING.

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