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D-Truss & Bent

With D-Truss, you can design any vertical plane structure. The truss plane may be defined with a section line or by selecting an object that should be part of the truss. The design of the truss is done in a convenient elevation view in a full 3D context with interaction with the rest of the building. Completed trusses can be moved, copied, mirrored, etc. All truss members are organized in separate MOS.

Automatic determination of the centre of gravity, automatic lists and dimensioned truss drawings make the module a valuable tool for traditional framers, as well as designers of engineered structures.

In combination with D-CAM, the D-Truss module takes design and handling of spatial structures to the next level. In D-CAM, truss planes are no longer limited to vertical alignment. Trusses may be freely defined in space and can be combined with complex structures, without losing control over your design.

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