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DC-Calcs V21 - the Highlights!
DC-Calcs update version V21 is available!

Many enhancements and improvements await you in our V21. We have simplified the determination of project values with an online location query. New standards are also available for the calculation.

You are involved in refurbishment - with the new module "composite beams" you can design reinforced components. And with the "hollow box girders" module, you can now also design the elements that are mainly used in Switzerland.

Many more news are waiting for you in our DC-Statik version 21!

Further standards

Wood construction is international, so are we! We have extended the choice of standards for the countries Great Britain and Poland. The load determination and dimensioning are carried out according to the respective National Annexes of the Eurocodes.

Online- Location query

In order to always receive the current load values for snow and wind, you can now use our online location query with the load zone tool.  After selecting the country, the load values can be determined for cities, specific addresses or coordinates. In addition to the required values, two map sections are generated for checking purposes.

Flexible supports and connections

You can define flexible part supports in the continuous beam and in the truss with the new support type "free support" using the spring stiffnesses. Examples here are supports on wide spanning beams.

In addition, the new connections "Static free beam connections" allow you to determine the flexibility of beam connections in the framework, as used in rigid frame corners.

NEW MODULE - Hollow box girders

The hollow box beams used in high-quality timber construction can now be verified in DC statics with the optional hollow box girders module. Different panel materials are available and the individual component dimensions can be determined separately.

NEW MODULE - Composite beams

In renovation cases, existing structural elements often have to be reinforced with the help of additional components. Wood cross sections, sheet materials or steel profiles are used. These reinforcements are connected to the main component with various connecting methods. With the optional statics’ module composite beams you can create and calculate these situations.

With the new materials LVL and Magnum board OSB, the standard-compliant shear force reduction due to line and individual loads and other wall types in the calculation of building stiffening, Version 21 also offers you many other advantages for up-to-date and economical structural design.

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