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Engineered Structures
Free construction in space

If one doesn't need to stick to the general rules of wall, ceiling and roof construction, unusual carrying structures and connection details will result. Both practical and spectacular building projects are the result of this, requiring flexible CAD tools in order to keep from hemming in the planner. You need simple, efficient and thought-though functions here, in order to keep planning effort from increasing immensely.

Based on D-CAM, the software for free spatial construction, Dietrich's will present several solutions to you for all aspects of engineered timber construction.

Level mullions, defined freely in space, serve as the construction level in order to facilitate area-related construction in 3D. They can also be used to create truss structures. For quick planning of a hall, use several of these trusses and combine them, e.g., with a roof carrying structure.

The comprehensive fitting library with all connectors from renowned manufacturers can be supplemented as desired with self-designed metal parts. Plans for own metal connectors are generated automatically. Timber construction connections such as gusset plates are defined and processed with parameters. There is no need to make new drawings after changes. DC-Calcs, the supplementary Dietrich’s structural engineering software for timber construction, permits comfortable measurement of the timber construction connections and mullions right when entering them.

Your benefits in engineered timber construction with Dietrich's
  • Complete freedom in space with 3D-construction in D-CAM
  • Simple 2D-inputs in construction levels possible
  • Simple generation of freely shaped parts by extrusion
  • Fastest way to the finished hall structure with profile and building assistant
  • Automatic timber construction-connections with metal connectors from the comprehensive fitting library
  • High-performance automated filter for finding suitable fittings safely and quickly
  • Generation and measurement of half-timbered trusses and wood construction connections in DC-Calcs with transfer to the CAD/CAM-system
  • Extremely adaptable and individual tools for detail solutions → combination elements
  • Mapping of complex connections within seconds with automated assembly plans
  • Realistic 3D-visualisation
  • Comprehensive import and export interfaces for smooth communication with other programs: Architect planning, structural engineering, metal construction
  • Material lists with surcharges, rounding and length optimisations
  • Automatically dimensioned and dynamic plans: Single rods, single plates, floor plan, rafters-purlins plan, sections
  • High precision by direct connection to measuring unit
  • Precise machine data for all common timber framing systems and plate processing machines
  • Competent and directly available support
Do you offer engineered timber construction?
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