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Dietrich's architectural stair

The stair is very important in particular in architectural and production-technical planning, even if it is not installed by the planning timber construction operation.

The Dietrich’s stair module has special functions to help you answer the following questions:

Is it possible to install a well-accessible stair in the building situation?

Yes, the stair module will determine the inclination and distortion automatically, while permitting manual corrections.

Will the planned ceiling opening be large enough and how large does it have to be?

The size of the ceiling opening does not need to be known before planning, since it can also be generated subsequently. The exit may be shifted.

What is the distance from the start to the door openings or wall corners?

The distance from the start of the stair to any point can be set in advance and is displayed continually when determining the walking line.

Is the specified passage height reached?

Determination of the walking line includes continual review and display of the available passage height under consideration of ceilings, walls, roof surfaces and installations (tubes, etc.).

Do the side parts or steps run through any door or window openings?

All adjacent walk areas are displayed as well when processing the stairs. Because the new stair module is completely integrated into the building model, it is outstanding for planning and reviewing connections with the remaining building. The stair is output in the floor plans with walking line, inclination and tread in the floor plans. The generated parts of the stair can, like all parts in the Dietrich's system, be used for visualisation.

Your benefits with Dietrich's stair
  • Precise review of the building situation regarding the stairs
  • Realistic determination of the ceiling openings
  • Review of the prescribed passage height
  • Schematic stair presentation for the floor plan
  • Generation of the stair parts in 3D for visualisation and/or production
  • Quick and secure input by intuitive dialogues with auxiliary images
  • Adjustment and storage of the stair construction and materials
  • Competent and directly available support
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