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The intuitive nature of the software and the clean, efficient to use design of the window, makes this software unique among CAD programs.

One of the highlights is the ease with which you can arrange and print drawings to scale. All text sizes are defined as 'print out size' and they are accurate and readable, even if you change the scale of the image. You work on a paper size and borders that perfectly match your printer. No more guess work!  What you see is what you get. Of course, it is also possible to print independently from the defined paper format.  The program will recalculate the scale so the drawing will fit on a different paper size.

You can either get automatically dimensioned drawings from the 3D model by presetting the information you require within the 'assistant' OR you can manually extract the drawings from the model to obtain any perspective, cut or 3D view.  When you work in the automatic mode, the drawings are put in individual windows with automatic dimensioning, timber lists and standard text.

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