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Nicola LogWorks Ltd.
John Boys of Nicola LogWorks has been working with Dietrich's software since 2004

When asked, "Why Dietrich's?" John gave the following insights.


TRANSFORMATION:  "This software has transformed the way we do business: The unique ability to design joinery and problem solve in 3D has greatly expanded our capabilities, increased our productivity and dramatically boosted quality control."

PROFIT:  "It is also a powerful marketing and pricing tool. Our bottom line looks great and we are smokin' busy in the midst of this down turn – Dietrich's is a key ingredient to that success."

COMMITMENT:  "The Key to successful implementation of this software is an ongoing commitment to training. Dietrich's conducts regular onsite and online training seminars. We feel they are a committed partner in our business."

John Boys, President
Nicola LogWorks Ltd

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