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Prefab construction and element construction
High-performance software tools for building to high demands

Wood is the building material with the best expectations for the future. In times of climate change and increasing energy costs, prefabricated wood construction meets the energy requirements in residential and non-residential construction in a special manner.

The software solutions of Dietrich's give architects, planners and builders a good overview of the entire planning, production and building process from the first draft. All project phases are supported by a consistent program system with special functions.

The basics for a high-quality building shell are already laid in the design phase by integrated development of U-value and Glaser chart for wall, ceiling and roof parts. In consultation with your customers, you can thus directly compare and evaluate changes to material and structure.

The high-performance and user-friendly CAD-core will support you in design, planning and any changes to the building. At the same time, the measurements, material lists and production data will be generated in the background. The results will then be available in a project-specific database. Outputs are made as Word, Excel, OpenOffice or PDF documents. The plans for production and assembly are generated individually according to your settings. The Dietrich's software will help you with loading by providing precise weights for every building element, and with installation by precisely calculated suspensions for the crane.

The optional CAM post processors can optimally control CNC roof and element processing systems common in the industry.

We won't let you down if you ever lose track of things anyway! No matter if you need a program training, have questions about work preparation, require technical consulting or individual programming - we will remain your competent contact in all timber construction matters permanently.

Many benefits for prefabricated buildings and element construction with Dietrich's
  • Precise and highly detailed 3D planning for best prefabrication
  • High-performance and flexible automation for complex wall structures, ceilings and roof elements
  • Extremely adaptable and individual tools for detail solutions and building technology combination elements
  • Optimal adjustment to any production style
  • Control of common CNC machines → timber framing, plate processing and nailing bridges
  • Flexible breakdown of all building parts into elements (wall, ceiling, roof)
  • Complete control by comprehensive evaluation of all structures: Building physics, mass determination, weight and centre of gravity of the elements
  • Automatically dimensioned and labelled plans for offer, approval, production and assembly
  • 3D visualisation for offer, production and marketing
  • Great customisation of the program by smart setting system safety and time savings in work preparation
  • No limitation regarding construction
  • Material lists with surcharges, rounding and length optimisations
  • Cost-saving nesting for optimal material utilisation
  • Comprehensive import and export interfaces for smooth communication with other programs: Architect planning, building physics, structural engineering, order management, production processes, construction site management
  • Complete support by trainings, adjustments and special programming as service and consulting
  • Competent and directly available support
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