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Dietrich's Module Overview
Creativity. Efficiency. Results.

We recognize every industry professional has their niche, and that's why Dietrich's has designed software modules to meet the niche requirements of every type of builder, from small hand-crafted timber frame shops to larger facilities with beam processors. With the Dietrich's modules you can customize your software purchases to meet the price point that works for your business.

This is made possible because Dietrich's is based on a core software architecture that allows for individual modules to be plugged into it to expand it's functionality. Regardless of which modules you choose to start off with, additional modules can be purchased that will seamlessly integrate into your design process when you are ready to expand to the next level. This allows for all the functionality that you require as you need it.

 To discover the perfect modules for your business, explore the features of each Dietrich's module listed to the left. Don't hesitate to call or email for a free consultation with our software specialists about which of our modules could help optimize your next building project.

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