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Dietrich's FAQ

If we haven't yet answered your questions throughout our suite, module and support pages, take a look below for some of the most commonly asked questions about the Dietrich's software. You can also contact us at any point and we will do our best to answer whatever remaining questions you may have.

Which category does Dietrich's software fit into?

Dietrich's software is designed for production. Dietrich’s was the first company to make design software especially for wood construction.  In 1982, Josef Dietrich developed the first programs using the Texas Instrument calculator to help German carpenters calculate roof shapes, angles and cuts. Since then, an extensive 3D CAD/CAM, modular, computer software, system has emerged.

Is Dietrich's an engineering software?

No, but Dietrich's software is compatible with many engineering software programs, such as Robobat Hundebor

Is Dietrich's an architectural software?

No, but it has many of the features of architectural software. The 3D model can be rendered in realistic colors and textures to closely represent the materials that will be used and a VRML 'fly through' can be created so the client can 'tour' the virtual building.

Does Dietrich's software have libraries?

Yes, libraries exist for metal connectors, construction materials, fixtures, doors, windows, and joinery. You can also create your own libraries.

Can you print dimensioned details for shop production and add a 3D image to the shop drawing?

Detailed drawings are automatically dimensioned and 3D images are easily added to drawings.

How easy is it to edit the joinery?

This is very easy. Just click on the joinery and a 'help picture' will appear. Simply change the numbers, since all Dietrich's modules use parametric input to define dimensions.

Does Dietrich's operate from its own platform or is it an add-on to a larger platform?

Dietrich's operates on its own platform. The greatest advantage of this feature is that you do not have to upgrade the platform when you update your Dietrich's software. This is automatic! If the software is an add-on, you may have to update both programs to keep them compatible.

Can Dietrich's move easily and accurately between Imperial (feet and inches) and Metric (mm, cm, meters) systems of measurement?

Yes, with Dietrich's software you can move between the two systems with ease, even in the middle of a project.

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