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The Dietrich's update highlights
from the current version 16

Version V16 for 2017 is finished and our users with an active service & support agreement will automatically receive a link for download from us. We have worked hard to advance our customers.

As always, our update is full of new functions and expansions that make daily work easier for our users and create new competitive benefits every time:

  • Improved ergonomics
  • New modules
  • Expanded IFC functions
  • More construction options
  • Component transfer in DC-Statik*
  • New combined elements*
  • Terrain model*
  • and more, see below…

Service is IMPORTANT to us. Therefore, we offer installation service to you again and offer trainings on the update, to be found and booked here.

As always, Dietrich's V16 is also subject to the principle of - more AV in less time - but with more power.

*optional expansions

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