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WeberHaus GmbH & Co. KG relies on Dietrich's software

With Dietrich's AG / Neubiberg, WeberHaus / Rheinau-Linx is launching the complete migration of the existing CAD / CAM environment to the Dietrich's CAD / CAM solution and is making a technological advance.

A design software that is always adaptive and investment-proof with regard to technology and profitability is the basis for the future and the development of a company for the carpentry, timber construction and finishing industry. Dietrich's is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of 3D CAD / CAM solutions for this industry. The continuity of the software, the modular structure and the techniques for adaptation and adjustment to specific requirements provide the user with the highest degree of ergonomics as well as with regard to technology and investment security precisely this future-oriented platform.

After an intensive selection process, another leading manufacturer of the finishing industry has now opted for Dietrich's with WeberHaus. The strategic cooperation of the companies was recently sealed in a project contract. The goal of the project is the implementation and customization of Dietrich's 3D CAD / CAM design software as well as the complete migration of the existing CAD / CAM environment in both WeberHaus plants to the Dietrich's solution.

Gerd Manßhardt, Managing Director of WeberHaus GmbH & Co. KG added: "The technological advantage, the professionalism with which we have dealt with our requirements and the possibilities to implement these in the software has made Dietrich's the first choice for us. Weavers of WeberHaus are highly advanced and we offer the builder a perfect experience from the first idea to the plan to the key handover. We have also found Dietrich's claim to our work and products. We are convinced that we have found the right solution for the constructive implementation of our ideas and challenges of the future with Dietrich's. "

"We are proud to be on board as a strategic partner at WeberHaus. Holzbau is our program - with this aim and our experience, we are immediately going to work on this project, "says Johann Baptist Lindner, CEO of Dietrich for his team, adding:" And with the results and further developments that we have made in this project We can offer value to all our customers in the long run! "

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