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Dietrich's module Loading Planning

New intelligent technology about to be launched soon

Dietrich's software maps the workflow in timber construction consistently and process-oriented. With the add-on module Loading Planning, which will be available in fall 2020, the digital tool Dietrich’s for timber construction will be adding an important component to its tool palette.

Peter Philipps, Head of Product Development, explains: "Our company has for a very long time been involved in the subject of loading planning, i.e. the intelligent planning of the loading of timber elements and components onto trucks, whether flatbeds or containers, during work preparation. Intelligently planned means at the very least the optimum use of space, but also taking into account the construction site logistics, i.e. the sequence of loading as a counter-flow to unloading in the same way as the structure requires the components".

All specific information about the component (dimensions, weights, sequences, positions, centers of gravity) is already available in the Dietrich’s 3D model. The data of the means of transport (vehicle, loading aids, capacities, etc.) are now also considered in the loading planning and can thus be combined, optimized and planned.

One of the most important questions for the timber construction company is: "How to transport the timber components from the production facility to the construction site quickly, cost-effectively, efficiently and logically?

The new module Loading Planning will provide the right answers to these questions in the Dietrich's Version 21, starting this fall.

With the Loading Planning module, Dietrich's combines the experience of timber construction experts with the speed and calculability of processes in timber construction software in a systematic and structured manner. For example, the working planes - already known from construction - are also used as loading planes in order to be able to process the spaces on the loading aids in a particularly intelligent way.

Check out a first insight from the concept phase of this exciting development below.


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