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Frankfurt celebrates its new old town

The official opening that took place this past September of Frankfurt's historic old town, was the grand finale of an extraordinary megaproject.

The original townhouses, completely destroyed in the Second World War, were masterfully restored according to old plans and can now be admired in their full splendor as an ensemble of 35 reconstructions.

One of these houses even once belonged to Goethe's Aunt, Johanna Melber. The “House zum Esslinger”, often called “Younger Esslinger” or “House of Aunt Melber”, has been completely reconstructed and is once again standing at the chicken market. The execution planning was done completely by our colleague Oliver Rieger with Dietrich's software and had to meet today's standards in timber construction, yet still, take up the craftsmanship of bygone carpenters. The company Holzbau Rehm, a longtime Dietrich's customer from the region of Rhön in Hessen, took over this challenging project. The skillful carpenters at Rehm handled all the exceptional building specifications and implemented it with perfect craftsmanship.

Dietrich's was also the preferred IT tool solution for the construction of many other historic buildings in the new Frankfurt Old Town. We all have to agree that the metropolis on the Main now has one more stunning attraction to visit.

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