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#dietrichsproject from Canada

Presentation of a passive house customer project from British Columbia

Tomaz Stich is a Dietrich's customer for many years now. He and his family live and work in Canada. With their company Stich Consulting and Design, they offer not only design, planning and project management for the construction of passive houses. They have become pioneers in the field of passive houses in North America. Regular tours to projects and manufacturers in Europe, organized by Tomaz, support their commitment.

This small case study is about Jasminka and Tomaz's own Passive House in Invermere, British Columbia. The climatically challenging location is especially demanding for the construction of a house without "real" heating. In this Film you can see and hear the story of the Passive House of the married couple Stich.

Some data for all experts:

  • prefabricated single-family house with office/apartment made of CLT and solid wood fiberboard insulation
  • structurally insulated, ground level panel
  • geothermal "earth pipe" for preheating & cooling the supply air
  • evacuated pipes for hot water and in underfloor heating
  • underground rainwater collection tank for toilet flushing and irrigation
  • pre-wired for PV system on the roof
  • motorized external blinds
  • further technical details in the data sheet 

The complete planning and design preparation were done in Dietrich's software. Another highlight is the complete 3D model, prepared in Dietrich’s Web-Viewer. This technology, presented with the V20, allows you to view the details of the model in the browser from any perspective, to switch components visible and invisible, to read off details of the components such as identification, dimensions or weights and from the V21 on even to identify individual parts by QR code.

The passive haus in the 3D web viewer
Would you like to test the 3D web viewer live?
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P.S. Maybe the Dietrich's Web-Viewer technology is a great way for you to share visualizations with customers and partners quick and easy? Curious? Further information about the Web-Viewer can be found  here or via contact form.

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