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BERTIM - What it is and what does it have to do with Dietrich's?

With the test installation on the facades of selected residential buildings in Charité sur Loire (F) completed, the realization of the comprehensive BERTIM renovation process is nearing its end.

BERTIM is an EU-funded research project which was started in 2014. Together with other European industrial partners, Dietrich's AG has been an active partner in the project, covering the areas of inventory data acquisition and 3D design.

The aim of BERTIM is to develop a prefabricated module solution for the renovation of existing buildings, which allows a significant improvement in terms of energy quality, air quality and aesthetic and comfort values of a building. At the same time, the procedural approach of the BIM method aims to minimize the usual inconvenience of renovation.

The solutions are based on a holistic view and methodology of the renovation process, from data collection to the installation of the prefabricated modules. The system approach is based on a digital data flow and BIM is implemented using the RenoBIM software to enable the reduction of the time required for renovation, the application of customized mass production and also the reduction of financial risk for investors.

Demonstration of BERTIM holistic renovation process have been executed by POBI - one of the French project Partners - installed prefabricated modules in timber frame on facades of selected residential building in Charité sur Loire (France). The installation was performed to validate the integrated renovation approach in real settings.

The modules were transported from POBI facilities. The installation was preceded by advanced procedure of data gathering and renovation project defining. As the process of installation was completed, an assessment of the renovation operation was carried out. The transport and installation procedure have been assessed, particularly the intrusiveness during the works and installation time. The quality standard of the solution, the applicability and replicability potential have been evaluated as well.

POBI installed nine modules covering 165 m2 of two building's facades in just 2 days. Installation works continued and terminated in only 1 week.



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