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Timber Framing Suite

Timber frame joinery demands very careful planning and detailed design, which is a task almost impossible to solve in 2D. For this reason, right from the very beginning Dietrich's programs have constructed the model in 3D.

With the generated 3D model of the frame and its surrounding building component envelope, you have a detailed overview of the structure you are building and your clients can see exactly what they are going to get.

  • Joinery is attached to the beam and as soon as it touched a partner timber the corresponding joinery is created.
  • Joinery is parametric, when a timber with joinery is moved the joinery moves with it.
  • There is no need to do programming for joinery, with Dietrich’s you just fill in the dialog box for the joint you want to create. Each of your settings can be save for future use to reduce time.
  • Dietrich’s was BIM ready before BIM became a subject in the construction industry. Within Dietrich’s every timber has an item number and designation, size and which wall, floor/ceiling or roof it belongs to.
  • IFC import/export to transfer building models between different software’s.
  • 2D input into the 3D model increases speed of design.
  • Drawings, material list, area dimension take offs are created in the background.

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