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3D CAD/CAM-Software for wood construction

Wood uniquely combines the tradition and the future of the construction industry. It combines outstanding material properties, durability and ease of processing with the ecological advantages of a renewable resource with a negative C02 balance when sustainably harvested from local forests.

Dietrich’s was the first company to make design software specifically for the wood construction industry. In 1982, master carpenter Josef Dietrich was the first to develop programs for German carpenters to calculate roof shapes, compound angles and cuts. Today Dietrich’s is the largest provider of wood construction software in Europe and has grown steadily since entering the North American market in 2002.

Currently in Europe new buildings must meet high standards for energy efficiency through performance of materials and methods of construction. North American construction will soon have to meet similar high standards and your Dietrich’s software can be an integral part of your ability to design energy efficient, net-zero buildings.

Continuous, leading edge development has made Dietrich’s the most up-to-date wood construction software on the market.


Learn more about our solutions for:

18.02.2020 - 18.02.2020

Tallwood - Design Institute Workshop

The Magic of BIM in Wood Construction - From Planning to Production with IFC and OpenBIM

Location: Oregon State University - Portland Center

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20.02.2020 - 22.02.2020

BC Log & Timber Conference

The BC LTBIA generates awareness and fosters growth in the Log and Timber Building Industry by providing information, education, support and advocacy for the industry and the public.

Location: Quaaout Lodge

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24.03.2020 - 26.03.2020

International Mass Timber Conference

The Mass Timber Conference attracts professionals from across the forest, manufacturing, design, development, and construction industries.

Location: Oregon Concention Center

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BERTIM - What it is and what does it have to do with Dietrich's?

With the test installation on the facades of selected residential buildings in Charité sur Loire (F) completed, the realization of the comprehensive BERTIM renovation process is nearing its end.

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Valuable raw materials in your old cell phone - Dietrich's MISSIO initiative

With our old handhelds and smart-phones from the Dietrich's collection we support projects of the relief organisation


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