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What's new in version 19?

and what is interesting for me? This question is addressed in our Highlights flyer.

What's new in version 19 and what's interesting for me? Every Dietrich's user asks oneself these questions whenever the update is installed.
For an introductory summary, we have again compiled a flyer for you, which is available as PDF and online browsing. The most important extensions, optimizations and changes from Dietrich's are described and illustrated there.

With this you get a clear summary of the innovations of version 19 and you can pick your personal highlights. As always, a more detailed description of the update is available for more in-depth information, which is available as a PDF file for our users in the downloading portal.

If you prefer to watch a short video instead of reading the update, you've come to the right place. Like every year, we have produced a video of the highlight flyer. It can be seen here on our YouTube Channel. Whether flyer or film, we wish you a lot of fun and success with the new highlights in your Dietrich's Update Version 19!

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