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We are here for you!

Dietrich's remains available for all customers and interested parties

Dear customers, friends and partners of Dietrich's,

one almost has the impression that the world is turning a little slower these days. The corona pandemic is causing a sharp reduction in our life in public space, our businesses, but also our private and social networks.

As a consequence of this, we at Dietrich's have also decided on some adjustments, about which we would like to inform you here. The good news first: We are here for you!

You can reach your usual contacts in field service and support by mail and phone and we will support you where you need us. We will not have any customer traffic in our plant in Neubiberg and will therefore keep the doors closed. Nevertheless, we will keep our organisation and infrastructure fully up to date, so that we can ensure the incoming and outgoing of letters and parcels and thus your deliveries and correspondence at all times.

You can reach us by mail, by phone, in the forum and in the blog. We have sufficient capacity in our telephone system and for data exchange via our servers. Nevertheless, please understand that due to possible telephone loads and more online use, waiting times may occur in individual cases.

Only personal contact will be reduced to an absolute minimum in the interest of the health of all parties involved. If and how appointments can take place, we will discuss, evaluate and decide with you in each specific case.

We have canceled all previously agreed dates for training courses in Neubiberg. We also have to cancel and postpone the user meeting Dietrich's Austria on April 2, 2020, which was planned together with the company SIHGA in Gmunden at the Traunsee. We will contact you as soon as possible with a new date proposal.

These regulations for our business operations apply with immediate effect and initially until Easter. We will of course keep you informed via our website if changes or adjustments are necessary. Until then: please remain calm, considerate, well-disposed towards us and above all else - stay healthy!

We are here for you!

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