Software is our business, wood is our passion

40 years of Dietrich's – Let’s celebrate.
A big “Thank You” to our customers on the occasion of our anniversary with 2 month of promotion prices

In 1982, the first software-supported timber framing calculation by Dietrich's came on the market. Since then, there has been a tremendous progress. To this day, the carpentry trade is being considered as pioneer and driving force behind digitization in trade. Without 3D-Modeling in planning and work preparation, the incredible timber constructions are nowadays hardly imaginable.

To mark our company anniversary and right in time for the DACH+HOLZ International 2022 trade fair in Cologne, we would like to thank our customers with our promotion prices.

Get a 10% anniversary discount on all prices for the purchase of new Dietrich's licenses or modules* during the period from 1 June to 31 July 2022.

We will have a birthday celebration and you can join in. How exactly does that work? Talk to your Account Manager, visit us at the trade fair DACH+HOLZ in Cologne or write us to experts@

Dietrich's is considered as pioneer in the development of 3D-CAD/CAM software for timber construction. 40 years of experience in this trade and in the development of digital tools: These are your benefits; this is the competency lead you can trust in.

Software is our business, wood is our passion.



*This sales promotion is not applicable to services, software maintenance and support contracts as well as to already discounted promotion products.

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